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WYOMING Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease, CWD, TSE, PRION REPORTING 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

WYOMING Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease, CWD, TSE, PRION REPORTING 2011




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Thanks for another CWD

Thanks for another CWD related post and link.  Yet again, the difficulties with understanding this disease are highlighted with appropriate warnings for hunters.  As is stated in the press release, there is not yet confirmed transmission from wildlife to human, but then the disease is not well understood at an infection level so it could be extremely hard to make any conclusive connections for transmission.

I don't it's fair to compare Brucellosis to CWD though.  Prions are not viruses or bacteria and to assume a CWD epidemic is waiting to happen in the Tetons or Yellowstone (or both) is a bit of a stretch.  Could it happen, maybe.  But to call it a wildlife disaster waiting to happen seems a bit overstated.  CWD is here to stay in many areas and wildlife managers are still learning how to keep it at relatively low rates of infection and death in elk, deer and moose herds.  I haven't seen any data to support comparing it with Brucellosis.  I haven't looked for this data either though, so please post it if it's out there.  Could be I'm just under-informed on the CWD problem.

Thanks again for putting this up.