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Wyoming Buck 2009

Well, got lucky this year, only drew 1 tag, at least it was a buck tag. Any way, I was setting down glassing and trying to decide how in the world I could put a stock on anything when I spot a buck and doe start walking in my direction. After about 20 minutes he gets in range. The wind was 15 gusting 26 slighly quartering towards their direction. The doe was about 35 yards in front of him. I had to shift a little for the shot and my leg was starting to go asleep, the doe busted me. She was staring right at me so I drop the binoculars and got ready to shoot. The buck wasn't paying any attention to me and took a couple more steps. He stopped perfectly broad side. I touched off the shot and lucked out. I estimated the yardage at 350 to 400yds. It was more like 300yds. With the doe staring at me I didn't use my range finder.

He is the biggest buck I have taken. He is very thick at the base. The talley is as follows:
Right side 14" long 7 1/4" girth
Left side 11 1/4" long 7 girth.
He must have been fighting hard.
You can see from the pictures how flat it was and by my hat how strong the wind was blowing.


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Wyoming Buck 2009

Great looking buck Ripstop, congrats!!!

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Wyoming Buck 2009

Way to rip em Rip! Wow 7 1/4, thats heavy!

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