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Wyoming Asks Hunters to Cover Their Game

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Wyoming Asks Hunters to Cover Their Game

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Wyoming Asks Hunters to Cover Their Game

Great Idea.. I just hate to see hunter orange going in and out of the liquor stores. I leave mine in the truck. Non hunters think you're going on a drunk, not a hunt or even worse..BOTH

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Wyoming Asks Hunters to Cover Their Game

Couldnt click on the link, but I read a local newspaper article in Pocatello recently that also asked hunters to cover their game. Oh yeah, by the way Sportsman, I just got my buck with nosler balistic tips, actually tip, cause only one shot and dead.

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Wyoming Asks Hunters to Cover Their Game

I think the article makes a good point and I wish Wyoming well in this iniative. Maybe if it works they will do the same here in Texas. I have long wished they would. Even I don't like to see a deer hanging out of the back of a pickup when I'm on my way home from the lease. Especially if it is bigger than mine!

But I really do think that there is simply no need to rub it in people's faces. They say the vast majority of people do not hunt but do not really have a problem with it. But when the kids start asking mom why that man has a bloody, tongue hanging out of its mouth deer propped up for all on the highway to see, new anit-hunters are made. I just want us all to do all we can to make sure my kids are able to hunt and of course to keep me in business!

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Wyoming Asks Hunters to Cover Their Game

so is this a bad thing, my pic. I want to make sure and not piss anyone off.

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