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Wyoming Areas?

Hey Folks,
I know it has been a longtime since hearing from me but I am back. Decided not to hunt Wyoming this year and I am instead heading to the big star state for some whitetail and turkey. But, I am in the process of getting a trip together for next season to introduce a good friend of mine to the prairie goat. After having a successful hunt last year in area 9 I am thinking about trying out a new local.My buddy is a big fly fisherman so he wants to try for both. I know land access and numbers are king, but last year after finishing our hunt we headed to some other areas looking for elk prospects. One of the areas outside of Casper actually had a good number of antelope on it and that was just from traveling the roads and not hitting the interior of the land. I spoke with a couple of guys who were working at a mechanic shop on the property and they told us that no one had been hunting. So, my question is with all of the info from the state and other publications telling folks what areas are the "best" or have large #s do you think that some of the other areas are being overlooked and actually have decent bucks?

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