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Wyoming Antelope

Thanks I'll check it out Thumbs up

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Wyoming antelope on our own

we are planning a wyoming antelope hunt and are planning on going on our own. Could you recommend what area would be best to try to draw a tag for success in drawing and a successful hunt. I have never hunted in wyoming and just wanted some information. I have looked at the wyoming hunting guide. I was told that the north east or eastern part of the state is the best. Do you have any recommendations as to zones? Thanks.

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Wyoming Antelope

Go to this site http://gf.state.wy.us/wildlife/hunting/stats/demandpdf/index.asp and look at the drawing odds for each area. Also, consider that some areas have limited public access.

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Wyoming Antelope

Lot's of antelope in Wy. i've hunted 47 & 71. Both are near Casper & if you're planning to stay in a motel, better make your reservations as soon as you draw a tag. Antelope hunting is a lot of fun, be prepared for lot's of walking.

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Wyoming Antelope

BLM land is open for camping. might as well pack some food in a cooler, bring a tent and a sleeping bag. that's the cheapest way to do it.

it'd be even better if you were a resident! the whole trip could be done for under$100.

man i hope i get a change at one of those speedy devils!

Good luck!

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wyoming antelope

looking for info on area 52 / 2 , have tag and will be heading out on saturday. not trophey hunting . looking to have some fun and see some goats

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