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wyoming antelope unit 83

My wife, 12 year old daughter and I drew unit 83 antelope tags in Wyoming.  Has anybody ever hunted this unit before?  I have heard there is some public land available to hunt on, but that private land access is relatively easy to get.  Anyone have any insight on this unit.  This is my daughers first hunt and I want it to be memorable for her.

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83 is an excellent blue chip

83 is an excellent blue chip unit and you won't need to look for private property.  About 1/3 or more of the unit to the northeast is BLM with plenty of access to it.  Just get a good map of the area from the BLM Office in Worland.  You didn't say whether you'll be camping/ moteling it or what, but if you are doing the latter you can find places in Worland just to the northeast of the unit.  It's a good size city and also has a campground on the east side on the highway just as you leave town heading for the BigHorn Mountains.  You can camp pretty much anywhere on the BLM lands out there if that suits your fancy.  I'd strongly suggest you skip the first week of the season when most people hunt and you'll not have to worry about many hunters and it will give your family a great time without seeing orange all over the place.  Good luck and be safe out there.  I hunt just east of there pretty much every year and have since 1994.

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area 83

Got a tag too see ya out there 

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