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Wyoming Antelope Unit 38 -- Any help?

I just purchased a goat tag for Unit 38 in the Wheatland/Chugwater area. I was not yet a resident during the dates of the draw, so I was forced to get a left over tag. This was the only area available with tags, and I was given my "Walk-in Area" guide---as it is asterisked for being a "difficult to access" unit. I know its not ideal, but for the 45 dollars in fees I figured I would give the unit a try rather than waiting for next season.

Does anyone have any experience with Unit 38, or any tips on access to a particular region of the unit? At 17% public land, it contains only 3 small walk-in areas (not much larger than a square mile or so), but according to my maps there are large regions of BLM/state land in other portions of the unit, I just do not see any county roads that make them accessible.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I was given the numbers of 5 private land owners in the region who have been "helpful" to hunters in the past, but wanted to get your guys take before bothering anyone.

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Welcome to the forum. I have

Welcome to the forum.Hello I have not hunted those units but have hit quite a few different ones over the years. Even with the limited land yu shouldn't have too much trouble if the population is good. Make sure to get out and lok around though. I've read that the local chamber of commerce and game offices usually have lists of land owners as well that may be open to hunting.

There are may places that have public land but without that county road to get you in it's pretty much locked up.