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Wyoming Antelope Hunt Area 19

Hi everyone. My friends and I were going to WY to hunt Antelope in area 19. One of my friends had a friend there that was going to let us hunt his property. The individual in WY has now sold his land and we are sitting on 3 Antelope Licenses for Hunt Area 19. We were wondering if anyone new of public hunting land in that Area? As of yet we have not identified any. Or of anyone with property in that area that might let us hunt there land. I know this is a long shot but any help would be appreciated. Please feel free to email me at keithelkin@sbcglobal.net

Thank again.

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Re: Wyoming Antelope Hunt Area 19

well, i hope you found a place to hunt. there's a lot of places to start thoguh. just call the game commission there and ask for a wildlife biologist. they'll tell you where to go.

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