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Wyoming Antelope Hunt

We just got back from a long weekend hunt in Wyoming chasing antelope.  Great kid hunt, lots of animals and good opportunities every day for each kid.  Ended up coming back a day early with all 6 of our tags filled, 4 of them youth tags.

Lots of fun making memories to last a lifetime! 

We forgot the camera, so the pics are from my phone.  Kind of low resolution, but still worth posting.

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Congrats, that's a great

Congrats, that's a great thing to see!  Looks like the kids had a blast!  Plus, good to see that you made them do the dragging. :wink:  Can't learn if you don't do it yourself, right.

Some good looking Antelope.  I still want to get up to Wyoming for one of those hunts sometime.  I have family with an open invite in the Douglas area, just haven't had the time the last couple of years to go.

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Good Job on the hunt and some

Good Job on the hunt and some great pictures. Looks like some good shooting by those kids also. Antelope make a great kids hunt as you can usually find plenty of targets till you get the right one for a shot and you can see them all day. That's why we first got back into hunting them a number of years back as a way to get my kids more experience in a low stress situation. We loved it so much we just keep going back year after year.

I have to say though that we invested in a game cart last year and it has been a great aid in getting them back to the truck quickly. After a couple of half mile drags last year we decided to give it a try.

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That is great.  Love seeing

That is great.  Love seeing the youiths get out and there and have the fun of the trigger pull and then see the do the "work" part also.  kudos to you in getting them out there.

I am jealous though I did not draw a type 6 tag this year I have a type seven, so I am still a few days away from getting up there and chasing them goats around.  Can't wait.

Congrats on a what looks like a great hunt and a great time.

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Very nice!  Good to see you and youths had a great trip

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Huge Congrats !


A huge congrats to getting the kids out and knocking down some antelope ! :thumbsup1: 


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Great job and nice photos.

Great job and nice photos. Love the fact you had the kids out and they got to harvest an antelope. Those memories will live on forever. Congratulations and keep the kids out hunting for sure.

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