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Wyoming Antelope 2012

We just spent a long weekend (a little too short really) hunting in Wyoming for doe/fawn antelope.  Had a great time with my son and a couple of friends.  Good hunting this year again, lots of antelope pretty much everywhere you look.  We tried a new unit this year too and got to know a couple of generous landowners who were happy to let my son hunt their property.  

And got to watch my boy make a GREAT 220 yard shot on a quartering away antelope.  Hit her perfectly taking out both lungs and dropping her right in her tracks.  Actually saw her drop in my binoculars before I heard the shot.  He stalked the small group of antelope by himself for the last 200 yards making use of a small rock outcropping for both cover as well as a rest for his rifle.  I was so proud of him!

Anyway, lots of fun again this year and can't wait to get back up there again next year.  Here's a couple of pics showing off our trophy smiles.

Sam Goat 1.JPG
Sam Goat 1.JPG617.88 KB
Brent Goat, Pic3.JPG
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Very cool!  Can't wait till

Very cool!  Can't wait till my son is old enough for big game.  Has to be 12 here in CA, but might try to squeak out a hunt earlier in another state.

Congrats!!! Thumbs up

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Congratulations on another

Congratulations on another great hunt with your kids.

I'm leaving for Wyoming in about 2 hours to hunt antelope tomorrow.

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Congratulations to you and

Congratulations to you and your son and his friends.

The smiles remind me of what it's all about. I'll be up in WY in about three weeks looking to make a smile of my own. Hunter25 was kind enough to take me under his wing and help me figure out WY. Help me heck, he did all the work, but I learned from talking with and watching him. Thank you for that Hunter!

COMeat, looks like you have another hunter in the family besides yourself. That's never a bad thing. Here's wishing you many more years of sucess and memories.

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Kids are very fortunate to have such a great father! Your avatar pic says it all. Congrats to your son on a fine execution of a stalk, shot, and harvest.


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That is super cool !


There is absolutely nothing better than watching your child put to use everything they have been taught and get to see it come together ! Thumbs up Congrats to all !!


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That's very coo, congrats to

That's very coo, congrats to you and your son.  I am really gonna miss hunting WY this season.....darn state would not give me any tags......oh well there is always next year!!


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Antelope hunting is a blast

I shot my first antelope in Montana when I was 12 years old and 37 years later I have taken at least 25-30 (or more) antelope since then. I drew 2 doe tags for WY unit 48 and left yesterday afternoon by myself. I got the first one last night at about 6:30pm, and the second one this morning at 8:00am (in other words it took about 4 hours of hunting to shoot 2 antelope). I was home within 24 hours from when I left. I have been using the same .243 that I used to kill my first antelope those many years ago. The thing I love about antelope hunting is being able to see them and at least you know they are in the area (which is always the biggest unknown when hunting elk). And then there is the strategy of how to get close enough for a shot (which can include low crawling from bush to bush). And even though antelope are small, they are still very tastey (at least the does from the grasslands are), and are still one of my favorite animals to hunt. I have 2 more doe tags for unit 38 next weekend, so there is still more fun to be had this year smile

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Congrats CO(WY)MeatHunter!  I

Congrats CO(WY)MeatHunter!  I am sure that was an amazing experience watching your son be successful.  Enjoy eating your success for as long as the meat holds out.  

Orion-CO, congrats on your success as well!  When you can get 4 tags in a single year like you can in WY, that definitely helps increase the number of successes you can have over time.  That is especially true when you compare that to CO where it can be difficult to even get a single doe tag.  

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Thats so sweet to see your boy or daughter in the field. Enjoying our hunting heritage. Great photos too. I'll be heading out to Douglas (unit 29) on Thursday. Dancing Dancing

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2 more tags filled

Just got back from my unit 38 hunt for 2 more doe tags. The weather was rough this weekend, had lots of fog on Friday (opening day), then had 3" of snow Saturday morning. It was still snowing Sat morning as we waited overlooking a draw, but as it slowly cleared we saw antelope moving down the draw and made a move on them. I think the snow helped a lot as they seemed to be confused and we were able to drop 4 of them (2 for me and 2 for my partner). We kept hunting yesterday and today to find a buck for my partner, but nothing big enough came our way. We still have until the end of the year to go back for his buck. Another great thing about the antelope hunting in WY, lots of goats, lots of tags available at a cheap price, and a long season to hunt them.