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Wyoming Antelope ??

Me & a friend are looking at doing a 2013 antelope hunt in Wyoming. I have heard about units that you can draw a tag with zero points and then buy several additional doe tags (i figure we're making the trip, should at least make it worthwhile.  I've got a few possible units in mind but i am struggling with how to figure out if the additional doe tags are available. Can anyone point me towards the place on the F&G website where i could figure that out? 

Any suggestion for possible units for a zero point lope hunt, additional tags available and enough public access(hiking required is a plus) to make it work?

I've been doing the research am just struggling a bit with following the website


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I wouldn't be quick to

I wouldn't be quick to discount private ranches that allow hunters for a modest fee.

I hunted WY for the first time last year and had a blast and filled all five of my tags. While my hunting partner and I were drawn for the Special Management Area, very limited hunters, the conditions were better on a private ranch. They were still free range but having the option to hunt private and public land was a big plus. As it was we didn't see any antelope on the public range and the conditions weren't as good either.

$200 each got us a place to camp with relative security and privacy along with hunting for a week. Looking at the conditions of the BLM Campsite, or rather the other campers, I can honestly say we were both glad to pony up the extra money. There's something about folks being drunk in camp at Noon I don't really care for.

In talking with another hunter that was also drawn for the Special Management Area he said that he killed the first, and only, antelope he saw after a week of hard hunting. I'm not suggesting that you use a guided hunting operation but once you get selected for an area check with the local Chamber of Commerce as they will often list ranchers that allow hunting on their land. Not all do but we got lucky.

Some of the public areas, with good represenative size antelope, are going to require multiple bonus points. I'm buying points to use towards a future hunt on public land.

I hope that helps as I know WY can be confusing.

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Click on this link and then

Click on this link and then click on season dates, areas, etc., to see what is available in each unit. 23 is a unit that has leftover tags for both buck and does because it's mostly private land. Many of the ranchers will allow free access for does after the first week of the season and you can get a list of those by calling the G&F Office in Gillette. There is BLM land in the NW and SW parts of the unit that can be hunted with good maps and a GPS with landowner information, but they aren't the easist areas to hunt like a lot of the wide open spaces where you normally see antelope. There is also a big WIHA that has free walkin access up in the NW part of the unit.


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thanks for the hlep.  Much

thanks for the hlep.  Much appreciated!

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