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im new to this forum and im looking for some help in figuring out some things for a wyoming hunt next fall. i will be driving out from maryland with some family to try our hand at a mule/antelope hunt. i have done alot of research on my own to best of my abilities, i have a good understanding of how it all works with PP and drawing odds. i have a GPS hunting maps SD card that i have been playing around with trying to figure out the best places to go. i realize i need to build up some PP to be able to get a good draw, but in the meantime im looking to go this fall and try things out a bit. i found that Region J & ant unit 30 overlap in area and seasons, has about the same public land as any other 100% draw area (not much). now curious if anyone has hunted these areas and if the public/WIA & HMA are enough area even worth trying, or should i look into paying a trespass fee if possible. also curious if Medice Bow & larmaie peak area near southern part of unit 65 are worth a shot for a muley. will probly be going at the end of the season. not looking to bag any monsters, just looking for a little advice to make the trip better. thanks for any help

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