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wy october hunt qestions

What can i expect for an October cow hunt in wy. i am going on a cow and ant hunt the first week of October. i was looking for some one with exp out their. this is my first guided hunt and i am worried about what to bring and what weather to expect. ne thing would be great. just info i have hunted for approximately 6 years now, with 4 deer taken Big smile , but only white tale out of stands. never done a spot and stalk type hunt. so if ne one cares to chime in on what supplies and conditions to expect that would be greatly appreciated. thanks gerad

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wy october hunt qestions

Any hunt in October you can expect anything from minus temperatures to highs in the 80's. If it is a guided hunt I would ask the guide. He should be familiar with the area that you are going into and know what to expect. But for basics if you are using your truck then what I would take is a full oil change with a filter, fuel filter, and a gallon of coolant, a few quarts of ATF if you have an automatic tranny, tire chains and tow chain and strap. As far as clothing you should have at least 3 changes, boots that can be worn in snow and or mud and re worn the next day or a pair of snow pacs. Don't forget a day pack for when you head out into the woods. For an elk I would take two knifes and a way to sharpen them along with a small bone saw and some good quality meat bags, not the ones that you can see through but heavy cotton canvas bags. As I said if this is a guided hunt ask the guide what to bring you may be able to cross off everything I said except for the personal stuff.

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