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wy. mule deer

3 tn. guys want to go to wy. this year on a mule deer hunt but have no idea which region to put in for. can i get some help from all of the muley pros please? i was thinking about going oct. 5th - 9th. i have checked out the wgf website but there is so much info on there my head is about blow. i was thinking about region b,c, t or weston hills recreation area but i dont know the draw odds for these regions . i would also like to be able to camp. any help yall could give would be great.


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Wyoming Mule Deer Hunting Statistics

I know how frustrating the data on the fish and game websites can be. If you are looking to find a hunting unit that meets your needs, then check out my Where to Hunt in Wyoming Map.
This map is perfect if you are just trying to get an idea of where some good places to hunt are, just to get an idea of where to hunt, or to find a good area where a non-resident can actually draw a tag.

I mapped out the hunting unit boundaries for the state and ranked each hunting unit based on hunter success rates and trophy potential (the units are color coded - hot spots and cold spots and in between), then put the harvest statistics for each unit on the map so when you select the unit, a pop-up window appears with tables of the statistics. You should have an idea of the best units as soon as you open the map.

Let me know if you have any questions,