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WY Area 50, weather ??? Also general info???

I found funding for this hunt immediately before the application deadline, so I had no time to do research. I am hoping that I didn't pick an area that can't be hunted, because I got drawn!!!

My brother and I will be hunting; our first Western hunt ever (we are 60 and 58 years old, living in Tennessee).

We are trying to decide on the type of hunting/sleeping arrangements we want, ranging from motel all the way to van/tent camping with the possibility of borrowing a SMALL RV also. Much of the decision will be based upon cost and weather.

Area 50 is 30-50 mi. W of Laramie. If anyone can give me information on what sort of weather to expect, both in temperature range and liklihood of rain/snow, I'd really appreciate it. The season is from mid-Sept until late Oct. We would likely go out before opening for scouting, so would hope to be finished before first Oct.

The other question that is open is the hunting opportunities on that area. I plan to call WY F&G next week to check on ranchers who allow hunting, but I'd like to know anything else that might apply to that area. I did read on my license info that there are areas that require a guide, which we can't afford, so if that area happens to be one of those, then our hunt is stuffed from the start (actually, before the start smile Again, any info from experienced hunters in that region of WY is eagerly sought.


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WY Area 50, weather ??? Also general info???

Hello & welcome to the forums!

I do not live in WY, however I have spent a lot of time in the area you drew in. I have not hunted that area, so I'm not up on all the regs for WY regarding NR hunters. It does look like a portion of that unit requires a guide. Here is a link to the WY G&F:


Lots of public land in that area, a large portion is the Medicine Bow National Forest. Sept/Oct should be a beautiful time to hunt that area & weather should still be good, warm during the day and cool nights. Fall is usually fairly dry out here. By mid-Oct you could see some snow at the higher elevations.

Many campgrounds (primitive mostly), so you would need to either tent it or bring a self-contained camper/RV. I believe the town of Saratoga has some camping with hook-ups. All the small towns have some motels. If that's the route you want to go, I'd get reservations soon. You may need to get reservations for camping as well, since hunting season is very busy and accommodations fill up quickly. In fact many small towns are fully booked already.

Very good area for antelope, with large herds. They will mostly be located in the lower grassier areas.

Good Luck!

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WY Area 50, weather ??? Also general info???

I would suggest visiting the NOAA website and looking into regional forecasts for the area you are hunting. You can get maps, extended forecasts, etc. I would also suggest some type of hand-held barometer. Much information can be gained. If you get lower and lower readings, a storm is coming. A rise means a high-pressure system is advancing, prepare for heat or cold.

The weather is a hunter's greatest natural danger.

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WY Area 50, weather ??? Also general info???

Cowgal & Captain,

thanks for the good replies and useful tips. I hope others keep chiming in


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