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WY Antelope advice ...

I'm wondering how the antelope numbers are in Wyoming this year.   I've hunted up around Gillette before, I'm also wondering about the southwest part of the state.  I've heard it can be good but I've never spent any time there.



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Numbers were way down in many

Numbers were way down in many central units last year due to drought. I hunted in 30 in very difficult situtations.

Never hunted the SW area as tags are harder to draw.

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I think antelope numbers are

I think antelope numbers are way down in most parts of the state.  That said, it is still better antelope hunting in Wyoming than pretty much anywhere else.  This year we had to choose a new area we've never hunted before because there were no doe/fawn tags being offered in our usual units.  Kind of a bummer, but we'll have a good hunt learning a new area and maybe do some fishing as well to round out the weekend hunting trip.

I've never hunted in SW Wyoming so I can't really comment specifically to that.

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I have hunted in SW Wyoming

I have hunted in SW Wyoming several time and always have done well. We hunt mostly does but have seen some great bucks. We hunt north of a small town called Opal and east of Kemerer. As for numbers this year that is still to be seen after fawning and these late snowstorms.

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Yes I believe antelope

Yes I believe antelope numbers are down statewide. They cut a lot tags last year and I am sure they did the same this year. I just hope to draw this year as I did not last year.

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that time of year again

So, anyone heard about herd numbers in Wy. this year yet?

I've been looking for a summary of leftover Wy. antelope tags in 2013, no luck so far.  Anybody have a link?


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Numbers are down from 2010.

Numbers are down from 2010. However, with the great spring/summer of 2013 and this milder-type winter, I'd expect things to be picking back up. Additionally, the tag cutting has helped to increase the heard rebound and perserve some "trophy" lopes.

Just my humble opinion.

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I hunted by cokeville about 5

I hunted by cokeville about 5 years ago i go to the area alot to watch the winter ranges film deer and antelope its good area but hard to draw out atleast for me ifyour willing to pay you can draw

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DO NOT anticipate leftovers

Antelope numbers are definitely down and leftovers in decent units are almost guaranteed not to happen.  Ive hunted central and southwest (red desert) and always had success.  I prefer Casper are a units because I lived there for a bit and know it well.  Units on the western half of the state are better units for non-residents to target due to the greater amount of public land.  I would discourage any non-res from buying a tag in the Gillette area.  I haven't seen many good bucks there and what few goats I have seen were always on private land.  There is not much in the way of public ground up that way.  


PM me lucky if you want some more specific area recommendations.

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Wyo antelope numbers

I drove I-90 and I-25 through Wyoming in early March and again last week. On the first trip there was still quite a bit of snow, but I saw a lot of large herds on antelope. Last week, the prairies were greening up and the antelope were easy to see, even a mile or so from the road. They were in smaller bunches, but I still saw a lot of them.

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My brother and I ended up

My brother and I ended up north of Cheyenne a few weeks ago.  We each had a couple doe tags and filled them pretty quickly on public land.  Prairie dogs were everywhere too, most I've ever seen. 

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