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WWII vet puts attacker in hospital


"The only problem was I run out of bullets," [James] Picket said.
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WWII vet puts attacker in hospital

Way to go!!! If more Americans would respond the way he did then criminals would think twice before victimizing someone. Maybe that should be part of the political plan to curb violent crime in this country. More people just need to fight back and stop giving in. I've had two police friends who when off duty and out of uniform will say that people need to fight back and stop giving in. That is how you survive a crime. Once they put the uniform on for duty, they can no longer give people that same advise anymore. Sad.

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WWII vet puts attacker in hospital

Thumbs up Too bad he wouldn't have finished them off, then he wouldn't have to worry about them coming back and the tax-payers wouldn't have to be burdened with the court and jail costs.

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WWII vet puts attacker in hospital

Good for him.

I'd much rather see an evildoer with a bullet in them than a brutalized victim.

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