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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

280 Rem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....................Subject to change without notice!

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280 Remington

I'm with Don on this one. I couldn't believe I had to get to page 5 of this post before someone mentioned the 280 Rem. Virtually the same as a 30-06 except with the 7mm bullet. I got mine at Woolworth's and have never looked back. Thumbs up

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

Up to 150yds the .17HMR varmint , Out to 300yds the 7.62x39 boattail is a good choice wayout at 400 to 600yds the 7.62x54r or .308win will bring'em down. Yes

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Wuts your favorite rifle caliber

Mine is a 7mm Rem mag because thats the only rifle i own right now. I'm thinking about putting a muzzle break on It. My shoulder gets bruised up a bit. I bought it to impress my father. its his favorite.

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