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Last weekend I geared up for a hike into the Pioneer mountains. There's a lake up there with fantastic big cut throats that fish very well this time of year. We had a pretty wet spring followed by some hot weather. Didn't think about it, but that's ideal mosquito conditions. I got to the trailhead and got bit a few times while shouldering my pack, no big deal. I got started and I swear, the farther I hiked the more mosquitoes just followed me in a cloud. There was a lot of standing water and I think every mosquito I passed just joined in the swarm. They were some breed of supermosquito that did not respect deet... never seen that before. All I could do was walk and alternate between scratch and swat. I got bit on and inside my ears, all over my face, neck, up the sleeves. I was wearing a baseball cap and I got bit probably 30 times in that half-moon-shaped area above the adjustable strap and below the top of the cap. At one point I looked at my fingers and they were a rust color from the combination of mosquito mush and blood. That's when I decided I was done. Its a long hike to that lake and I like to catch by cut throats as much as the next guy, but I absolutely was having a miserable time. I hustled back to the truck, got my keys out as I approached and in one fluid motion, threw my pack into the bed and opened the door. The door was open for like half a second, but when I closed it, the cab was full of the bloodsucking little @#$^$'s. It sucked. I headed down to the Big Hole and fished down there most of the day. Sorry for the long post, but man, I HATE MOSQUITOES!!!

I nearly stepped on a rattlesnake later that same morning too.

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Wussed out.

You made it a lot farther than I would have!!! I hate mosquitos too Laugh

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Wussed out.

Just an FYI. Got a sister that is a big-wig for the forest service down in Mississippi. This spring she was out on a logging sight and noticed the crew using Listerine as bug dope. She inquired about it and was told it was "the best for mosquitos. I have been experimenting with it and it works great. Though up here in the NE it dosent seem to have much effect (like everything else) on the d#&% black flies!

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