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WTS: Hunting / Military Gear

Hi guys this is my first time posting but I do come here often to read the post. I was going to list a lot of this on ebay but thought I might give it a try here first.. worse that can happen is no one wants it right

I did 15 years in the service just got out a disabled vet and well I had a small bit of obsession with buying all miltary gear I found and my wife is threating to kill me if I dont get rid of some of it. I had a buddy that owned a surplus shop and I was his best costomer but with 4 kids now and not enough storage room really need to let some things go..  These are all my personal items bought and paid for by me.

I have 2 ach kevlar helmets one is brand new still in the box. I believe both of them are size large. 

I have brand new cold and weat gear pants and parka sz large and belive I have a med set also.

I also have vest, uniforms, armor and much more. I have a building full of gear. If you are looking  for something you can ask and I might have it.

I also have for sale a bsa 4 pattern optic 35.00 , brand new back up iron sight 40.00 ( I paid 104.00, new carrying handle 35.00 , carbine aluminum tri rail with red laser on it 65.00. I also have several sets of hand guards carbine and long length and they are brand new. I sold both my ar's so I dont need these and they are collecting dust in my safe. 

I am more than happy to give you my number for you to call or text, I would just prefer to not post it in a public forum. If you are looking for something paticualr messgae me and like I said I might have it.  On the gear I am going to price it fair for the new I will proably ask around 50% or less of what it would cost if you bought it retail. Maybe make enough to buy the wife a nice Christmas presant and get me out of the dog house .. thanks for looking and Happy Turkey Day to all..

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