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WTS Browning Micro Midas 3 with a ton of extras

Up for sale is a browning micro midas 3. this bow is awsome!! the bow is in practically new condition shot about 20 arrows through the bow. the draw weight is 30-45 lbs and the draw length is 18-28. with this draw length the bow is perfect for youth/ women to grow into! this bow comes with a whisker bisket, 3 pin sight, release, case and a couple arrows some carbon all with tips!! the bow alone is 200 dollars without all the upgrades and accesories and if you add it up the whisker bisket is 50 plus a 50 dollar sight plus a 30 dollar case, it all adds up. my loss and someone elses gain. trying to buy a new bow so i have to get rid of this one. this bow is ready to shoot and ready to hunt with. if i would not have out grown it i would have kept it. any questions email me.

thanks for looking

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