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WTB a good beginner left handed compound!!!!

im wanting to start bowhunting but i can't really use all my friends right handed bows so i'm looking for my own left handed. 29in draw is what i need. let me know what ya got!

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WTB a good beginner left handed compound!!!!

Welcome robwett Big smile Congratulations on wanting to start bow hunting.
Here's a bow I found on ebay for left hand and 29". Good Luck Thumbs up
I might suggest going to a store and shooting several bows to see what you feel the most comfortable with before you buy something on-line.


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WTB a good beginner left handed compound!!!!

We have an older PSE LH 29" that's not being used around here. Comes with quiver, 6 aluminum 2117s field point, 125 grain THs sights and tm rest.

I'd let it go for $250 cdn plus shipping?