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wssm barrel fouling

did anyone hear that there having trouble keepin the barrels on the new wssm clean. i'ved been told by a few people now that after just a few shots they go all over the paper. i havent tried one yet but was just wondering what others think about it. thanks for an info Thumbs up

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wssm barrel fouling

Can't say I've heard any complaints that serious about the WSSM, but the physical fact of reality is more speed = more friction. Just like the 220 swift, you likely have to be mindful of that fact and if you don't mind keeping them clean then it shouldn't be a big deal.

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wssm barrel fouling

I'm not sure I know why they would foul any faster than any other catrtidge in their class. Some barrels seem to foul faster than others but my guess would be, that's it.

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wssm barrel fouling

Those shots ending up all over paper after only a few shots? Sounds to me like that has very little to do with barrel fouling. Perhaps and overheated barrel, bad stock bedding fit, developed flinching, or just plain poor marksmanship.

A lot of times people think that fouling is the main culprit for loss of accuracy, but I don't think so. You should be able to fire many several rounds before fouling starts to affect accuracy. In fact my experience with a few of my rifles is that my groups tighten up after 5 to 10 fouling round are fired through a fresh clean, de-fouled barrel. I think in some cases that a bit of fouling is actually nessesary.

I read a story of a two man Marine Corp sniper team in Iraq who decimated nearly a company of Republican Guard within a few hours. I'm sure that the Marine sniper and spotter didn't stop at any point and risk being seen just to clean the M40's barrel.

Really though, over heating a barrel, poor bedding, and poor marksmanship have much more to do with loss of accuracy than fouling does.

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