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Found It!

OK - I just found where the comment was made about "double spacing."

It was after one of my stories.

All I can say is that I write the way I talk - in sentences.

After each sentence, I take a breath that makes a space between my sentences.

When I write, I hit the enter key at the end of a sentence - once.

That makes a space between the lines.

This is the only forum I am on that does this; I noticed it as soon as I made my first comment, and it has continued.

I am not "double spacing" intentionally, but if you look at any other article or comment, you'll see a space between paragraphs.

I assume that's where the enter key was hit.

As far as I know, it doesn't do anything for points; I have no idea what others get for a story or a comment except what the rules specify as parameters.

I assume it's pretty much the same as I get - except that I probably get way more because my stories are soooo good! Whistling

It would certainly make for a large book, if I were ever to write one, but when telling a story I try to make a complete thought out of each sentence.

I'm sorry if you find my writing style hard to follow; it's not intentionally designed that way.


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My meaning

Of course my meaning has been at least a bit misconstrued. What it was meant to portray was that it can (does in Ed's case) become somewhat tedious to read an entire article that has every line separated. My way of portraying that likely left a bit to be appreciated (go figure in a person who is direct). My reasoning was, and still is; I like the writing, love to read it. Printed in that manner, it's tough for me to maintain the ideas and the continuity I enjoy in any good story. There, I hope I've been more descriptive and hopefully not nearly as abrasive as I must have come off as.


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No Problem

Yup - that's what I thought you meant in the first place.

I take no offence at your comment and I hope you take none at mine.

I was thinking about why I write this way, and it dawned on me that there is another reason; I spend much of my time sitting at a computer writing sermons, Bible lessons and shorter devotional thoughts.

If you looked at my profile, you'd see that I am a pastor of senior citizens at our church.

When I compose these lessons, I layout my page in "Landscape" format with two columns.

So it looks like a sheet of typing paper laid sideways and divided in two from top to bottom.

When I am finished writing, I print it out and then cut the page in two so my notes are on 5 1/2 x 8 paper that neatly fit in my Bible.

My sentences are intentionally short to form a thought that often fits on one line so that when teaching from it, I can glance down at my notes, pick up the thought, and then make eye contact with my people when speaking.

I have been doing this for 31 years now, and I'm kind of stuck in a rut, if you know what I mean.

It is just a peculiarity of this forum that when you hit the enter key it puts a space between lines; that isn't what usually happens in Word, unless you set it to do that.

I'm going to try to compose some of my comments and stories in a more typical writing fashion, but I'm not sure that I can keep my finger from hitting that enter key at the end of a thought. It's just become automatic.

Stay tuned to see what happens.


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spacing tip

Here's a small tip on the spacing issue. Hit enter for a new paragraph (you end up with double spacing) and simply use your space bar for a new sentence that will not be a new paragraph.

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