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write as you want

It's just me PERHAPS, making comment on some member's writing technique. I am NOT reading any more DOUBLE SPACED articles, NONE!!!!

They are more than annoying to read. If you are getting more "points" than, good for you, cause they suck to read.

Two or three lines together bothers no one's eyes and my speed in reading makes your articles bad, NO, BADDDD!!!!

Do what you want, but expect zero comments from me.

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haven't seen that

I haven't noticed that, but it would look weird.

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are you

Are you yelling at me, cause I'm very sensitive, honest I am.... Whistling

and now, I'm better...  Yes


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I want to comment, but I

I want to comment, but I found your post awfully hard to read.  You double spaced 3 times, when you could have just said what you said in one paragraph.

:lol:  Sorry, I had to.......

I don't believe, at least in the story and photo section, that it has anything to do with points, it is more to do with a writing style.  When people are telling a "story", for example, in books, you will often see a new paragraph every time there is a quote by another person in the story.  Some guys add alot of quotes, therefore alot of new paragraphs.

However, there is another flaw.  Every time I hit enter here, it actually double spaces.  I can't seem to change it, it just happens. 

Finally, I think you just need to chill a little.  If I am correct on which stories you are referring to, you really should read them.  They are very well written, humorous, and informational.  Give it a chance.

It's all good. Thumbs up

Edit:  I forgot to mention that there are 2 sides to every coin.  I personally hate it when people don't ever use the enter tab, and write one long, 20 sentence paragraph. 

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Write as you want

I've been on  this forum to see a lot of writing styles, to include double spacing, YELLING, improperly spelled words, etc.  But the one that always gets me the most is when people use way too much stupid in their writing.  For some reason, whenever I'm reading a paragraph and encounter an excessive amount of stupid in a sentence, they just lose me.

I'm trying really hard to try to overcome this, and thought maybe I could desensitize myself.  But even after reading Al Franken's book and the federal budget, I just can't seem to overcome a lifetime of thought patterns.

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Writing style?


I am not sure if you are referring to my style of writing, Jerry's style (Jaybe), both of our styles or the fact that I stood up for him when you bashed him a little bit.

Know ahead of time that I am not trying to drag Jerry into this - I speak for myself only.

For my style, I make no excuses or apologies. It is what it is and while I know it lacks the proper style and substance in many ways - it is fairly ingrained in me.

Now - as to whether or not you read - or reply - to a piece that happens to be spaced in a manner that does not suit your "speed in reading" will likely have very little bearing on whether or not people on this forum do or do not read, enjoy or reply to that piece.

I read that you were a military pilot - and I note that you have a feature article on BGH (congratulations!) - but this little display of what I consider to be petty temper is a disappointment to say the least.

Pilots are generally regarded to have a very even keel - I guess that makes your comments even a little more surprisng to me.

Heck, I was 82nd Airborne from 74-77 - you could have even given me a ride in a C7, C130, C141 or even a Huey - some of you guys had to turn the green light on so we could exit the craft with our hearts in our throats (34 jumps: rain, snow, desert, jungle, high as 2000 feet, as low as 650 feet).

Regarding points - and this almost "feels" like you are insinuating that someone cheated or took an unfair advantage (which, if that is the case - I am going to take a personal exception to) - I do have a few thoughts.

First of all - stories and tips are evaluagted / rated by the BGH staff and points are awarded. I am pretty sure they have enough literary skills to recognize manipulation and a weak attempt to "run up points" and they would react accordingly.

Secondly, new posts are awarded 200 points - flat rate - so style (or, as you point out, lack thereof!) would play no part of the score.

Regarding replies to stories, tips, posts, blogs - we have all tried to figure out how to maximize our score.

I do think that these enties benefit from having the sentences spaced out.

I did not discover this - a fellow member pointed it out to me - and that just happens to be my writing style.

Would I continue to do this to maximize points?

Of course I would.  

If that writing style offends your reading style, I would certainly encourage you to discontinue reading.

In closing, I would also point out one slight problem in your diatribe - first you state that you are not going to read any double spaced articles and then you close by suggesting that we not expect any comments from you... if you are not going to read the article in the first place, we are pretty sure you are not going to comment on them.

I mean no insult in my comments, these are merely my observations.

Best of luck,


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back when

I actually flew for the 82nd CAB from '78-'81.  Thumbs up

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we're human too

jim boyd wrote:


Pilots are generally regarded to have a very even keel - I guess that makes your comments even a little more surprisng to me.

You'd be very surprised!!  In the cockpit, yes we usually are level headed because the job and decision making demands a well rounded professional individual.  But when you boil it down we're just as human as anyone else outside of the airplane.  The difference is that most of us know the time and the place and act accordingly.  I know, been in and around the aviation environment since 1991.  Flew professionally off and on from 1995 to until 2006, and still work in the aerospace industry today, but in a different role now.

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my peeve

My peeve on forums is when people behave or respond in a manner that you know they would not be doing if they were speaking to you in person.  I think there needs to be a certain dignity and self-respect maintained by all members on all forums, but is often lacking in the online world.  I've even been shocked to see that lack of self-respect among admins and moderators on other forum sites.

Overall I really don't care what people say or how they write it, or even how stupid it may sound, as long as they can justify, reason with, or back up their comments when challenged to do so.  If not able to then just admit you are not as right as you thought you were.  If people disagree then they disagree.  But I know there are a lot of gray areas on many subjects talked about here with no right or wrong answer.  I don't believe in the you have to see it my way mentality as long as you can reason with a person. Opinion sometimes runs strong, but in the end it's simply just that, an opinion.  I have my views and hardcore beliefs, but I enjoy hearing all the perspectives. That's all.

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I just discovered this section of the forum - "Anything Goes".

I am on a few other online forums for Fishing, Hunting, Muzzleloading, etc. and have seen where members get on each other for one thing or another.

I was rather (maybe VERY) surprised when I hadn't seen hardly any of that on BGH.

It was refreshing to say the least.

Rather than spend time commenting/bashing each other, they concentrated on contributing useful information that pertained to the subject - hunting big game.

Now I found thhis section, and what do I see but that I have been one of the topics of discussion.

I'll have to look around and try to find out what has been said (I haven't discovered that yet).

When I find it, I'll probably comment there.

In the meantime, it's just good to know (?) that the people on here are just as human as they are on the other forums I regularly visit.  Yes

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