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wounded buck

I'd like to get some others opinions on this as I haven't dealt with this location before.
I arrowed a buck this evening and hit himhigh. Just below the back bone and IN line with the crease inthe shoulder. The arrow came out the other side but stayed inthe deer. I plan on following up in the morning.
What's the chances or likelihood of a happy ending with this type of hit? Don't feel good to me as it may be between the lungs and the back bone.
Any experiences anyone else have with this location of hit?

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Good luck

I have not hit one in that area before, but i have heard that it is kind of no mans land. You might get lucky though if the arrow stayed in you might get enough movement out of it to cause some serious damage. Good luck and post us a picture if you get him.

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wounded buck

I hit one like that only the shot was a little lower. Never found him until my buddy shot him during rifle season Brick Wall,) Arrow was still lodged in his opposite shoulder.

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wounded buck

Yep You hit gap the deer will probably survive as long as it doesnt become infected Depending on the angle, Its ok to hit them a little high as long as you have the angle coming out low I've lost two deer this way If you think you may have hit part of the lung Look along the waters edge Im sure he will go towards water good luck

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wounded buck

Stickers that was my thought on the high hit. You can get away with a high hit the closer they are to you. The farther they are away your arrow flattens out and the angle lessens significantly.

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wounded buck

Sorry I didnt realize the post was from today, good luck, I would also go towards the nearest water hole. was it to dark to follow the trail? Hopefully you got him good and you have a nice trail to follow.

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wounded buck

I feel for you. I've been there.

Possibly some good news, though. One year my brother killed a buck with a slug and when we skinned it out, we found an old broadhead lodged just beneath it's spine. It had healed, and the deer showed no outward signs of being wounded.

But, like atomikall said, search nearby creekbeds and waterholes, that's where you'll find him if he's dead.

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