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Would you??

GooseHunter Jr, Posted this on another forum and they are having a good discussion...........
If you want to read them, here's a link.......................

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Would you??

Thanks for the link.
Obvious that some folks love the shot from reading that thread. No doubt done correctly its deadly. No one ever disputed that. Not sure I follow along with that gangs mindset and reasoning for taking the shot. Matter of fact I am pretty sure i have read alot of faulty information on that board hence why i never post there or read it much.

Theres all kinds of crap out there and if you want to subscribe to it thats definately your choice. I personally know what its like to smack one of mother natures creatures with a stupid decision and have to live with the guilt of making a selfish decision to give it a whirl cause getting the game was more important at that moment than doing it well. I have grown past that in my hunting today and am proud to be able to say that. Unfortunately the people that will utilize this information the most are the people who have little knowledge or put low value on bowhunting done well. Its those guys, not the few experts that claim this a viable shot, that are going to send wounded game running past you in the woods.

I can make that shot all day long if he doesnt move. If he does move I am no longer incontrol of the decision I hjust made as a bowhunter and I value highly the integrity I launch each and every arrow with. Its not worth risking to me.

IMO its that value of personal integrity that should be passed onto new hunters, not hey you can get away with this if your good enough. That has slob written all over it.

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All you have to do is wait. The bull is either going to keep coming or turn around. Unless he's really spooked and turns too fast you should be able to slip it in the boiler room during the turn at 25 yards. My brother took this shot on a deer at 15 yards and hit just right enough to glance out on a rib under the shoulder. Those ribs, instead of being flat like they would be on a brodside shot are curving inwards and an arrow is designed to deflect off bones when possible. Needless to say we tracked the deer for over a mile the next morning, lost blood and never found her. I'll never take this shot. Just wait, there's no reason to hurry the shot on an animal that is facing you. He has to turn to run away and if he isn't startled to badly will turn fairly slowly and give you a couple of seconds broadside or quarterd away.

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I guess I'll weigh in on this one, although I don't think I have any thing to say that hasn't been said in one way already.

On a deer, especially a whitetail, NO WAY. In that case your chances of delivering a clean shot for a swift, humane kill are very slim. Elk can jump a string too, but my impression is that an elk reacting to the sound of the bowstring would be somewhat different and less dramatic than a deer. They don't tend to drop a 2 feet and bound. I think more often an elk would, sort of, flench and run. Not only would the kill zone move less than that of a deer, but it's much bigger to begin with, so I'd probably go ahead and take the shot on an elk as long as it was clear and I had plenty of time to make a GOOD shot. However, after having said that, I really would think that the best idea would be to remain still and hope the elk will change positions to give me a better shot. If the elk were looking directly at me, I would likely be more inclined to just let him walk, but that's not what he's doing in the picture.

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Would you??

The key is confidence. If your only 99% sure you can make the shot, don't take it. I took a similar shot a couple years ago at 16 yards from a treestand. At that distance its easy to put the arrow where you want it but there are just to many variables. If it can go wrong, it probably will. I made the shot, but don't know if I would do it again.

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