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Long shot

Striker wrote:
I don't like feeding the wolves.

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First off, congrats on the

First off, congrats on the prep work, shots and kills.

Secondly, I would not have taken the shot. I personally prefer to get as close as possible. However if you are comfortable with that range, have practiced at that range and can be sure that you will hit within the vitals then take the shot. But it's the guys who take the shot and make the animal suffer either because they were not comfortable, haven't practiced or arn't sure of the shot that rub me the wrong way and (in my option) give ammo to P.E.T.E. and all those other folks. However even the most skilled shooter can make a bad shot. All in all it's up to the shooter, and in your case the shot turned out mighty fine.

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Nice Shot. You knew your

Nice Shot. You knew your equipment, practiced successfully before hand, and where confident. And finally, you followed through on the shot via going after the animal. I see No problem. If any of these factors was missing...then, yes ,problem.
Congratulations! Now how about some pictures.

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