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Would you buy hunting rights; or 30 to 50 year lease

Would you buy hunting rights; or 30 to 50 year lease on large acre hunting

Over the past few years hunting leases have become in great demand and the expense of leasing land for hunting has sky rocketed. Although, I have not allowed hunting on my land in the past, nor do I hunt; I feel this is an economic stream I am not utilizing to it’s fullest.

Therefore, I am considering a long term lease of save 30 to 50 years, or what we should call a “hunting easement” to all my deeded land. This would of course be under the direction and authority of a written lease plan with the purchase paid up at one time and can be sold or traded with my approval of sale.

What I am wanting to know if there is enough interest , and the financial capability to purchase my hunting rights. This would be all game and all seasons. I have two units with a total of approximately 100,000 acres , The estimated average price per acre would come to around $7.00 per acre amortized over 30 years.

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so what you are saying is you want 700,000 to lease 100,000 acres with payment broke up over 30 years? If so that would be more than a morgatge payment for the average hunter.most can get a lease for around 5000 a year give or take with the lease being "QDMA" with feeders and stands in place in most cases. you may want to rethink this a little or maybe do some research on hunting lease's.... the land size  sounds great just the price of the land for a small group would seem hard to cover. you would need a large group to make it affordable and as we all know the larger the group the harder it is to control.. just my thoughts  anthony in fl


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