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Worst shooting bows

Ok now what's the worst shooting compounds you guys have shot?

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Worst shooting bows

PSE polaris....

From the PSE's I have shot and seen shot they have had some bad hand shock

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Worst shooting bows

I use to have an old Indian Compound. I once had a whitetail jump the string ... 4 feet. Yes, it wasn't very quiet.

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Worst shooting bows

I had to say the worst I have personally experienced was a Browning fusion two cam piece of garbage. It was untunable and I finally trashed it. Didnt matter what you sdjusted it just rattled itself out of tune, was noptorious for bad cam timing and all around should have never made it to the buying public. Hows that for a bad review???

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Worst shooting bows

My old man had some kind of Oneida in the early/mid 90s...no idea what model it was, but it was a pain to tune, loud, and just terrible all around.

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