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The "World Record" whitetail

Man, i would like to know what this Reneau character has in his closet that he won't let this deer be scored by a panel.  According to the story, almost EVERYONE believes it is a 6x6.  Might fall 3 or 4 inches short of a record, but it's an absolute BEAST!!!

Good story.  Give it a read.....



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While I had heard some anout

While I had heard some anout this deer before I had never gotten the whole story. Pretty much a raw deal all the away around. I can't believe one guy canput a stop to the whole thing based on his opinion alone. I thought that was the purpose of a panel score to be sure there were several people to interpret the score and not just one guy.

Hopefully they can get it straightened out someday but just being the one to harvest such a buck is the greatest reward of all.

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This is what I found on the
This is what I found on the B&C website.



May 10, 2011

The Johnny King Buck:

Setting the Record Straight --

In light of a recent article in Deer and Deer Hunting by Duncan Dobie about Johnny King's typical whitetail deer, the Boone and Crockett Club's Records Committee would like to clarify our position. I would first like to note that it is important to understand that neither Jack Reneau, Director of Big Game Records, nor any member of the committee has a vested interest in the specific score of this or any other trophy, other than to see that it is accurately scored in accordance with the Club's guidelines. The declaration of any new World's Record is a welcomed celebration for the Club, game managers, and dedicated sportsmen.

We are concerned with the misinformation being presented in the article. After speaking with Jack Reneau, I found that he was misinterpreted regarding a possible rule change. What has been printed does not reflect what he was trying to convey. He said with the high and increasing volume of whitetail deer entries, we are seeing abnormalities that are not addressed in the scoring manual. These can present challenges to the Official Measurers. The right G3 on the King buck presents just such an abnormality. This situation came to light under the term of the Club's previous Records Chairman and was written up in the winter issue of Fair Chase Magazine in 2000. Reneau was merely pointing out that it is an issue that had not been directly addressed in the Official Measuring manual, but has been the subject of much discussion.

The King buck, while an exceptional specimen, was determined to have an abnormal right G3. This was confirmed, independently, by four highly experienced Boone and Crockett Club Official Measurers. Each of the scorers involved in this examination were senior measurers with both Pope and Young Club and Boone and Crockett Club. They have served on numerous Judges Panels for both organizations. After the four measurers made their determination, the trophy purchaser/promoter questioned the decision. Jack Reneau reviewed the file with other Big Game Records staff and the Records Committee members who also all concurred with the ruling.

Due to a liberalization of the entry requirements a few years ago, this damaged buck is eligible for entry even though the main beam had been shot off. The original Official Measurer's judgment that the buck needed review by Boone and Crockett Club to see if it could be officially scored and entered with the broken main beam was correct.

The purchaser/promoter of the rack has repeatedly requested that a panel re-score the deer. The criteria for panel scoring are 1) to confirm a new top-ten trophy entry or 2) to confirm a new World's Record entry. Neither being the case, no panel will be convened. The original entry score of 180 points is accurate.

In conclusion, Boone and Crockett Club is well aware of what can be at stake when antler buyers, agents, promoters, and endorsement seekers weigh in on scoring, and we will remain vigilant to maintain the integrity of Big Game Records, with fairness to all trophies and all trophy owners. In doing so, the Club will not let any individual or group modify the rules to favor a specific trophy above others. The King buck was withdrawn by the hunter from our records program. It is in no way a pending World's Record, nor subject to revision. It can be re-entered at anytime by the owner with a typical score of 180 points.

Richard T. Hale
Deputy Vice President
Records of North American Big Game Committee

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there was one other time in

there was one other time in the past that, rumor has it, the current world record holder paid a significant amount of money to an individual to not submit their rack for certified score. this happened most notably with a guy from saskatchewan who harvested a giant typical that supposedly was going to be close to 230". photos circulated on the internet, and i myself have seen them.

i have heard that as many as 4 people have been paid to not submit for scoring.

these are just rumors though, i have no idea what's true or not. but if i was going to pay off an official scorer to torpedo other entries, i'd find a character like Reneau.

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Good article, however, there

Good article, however, there are still some sticky parts to the story.  It says that 4 other official measurers agreed it was an abnormal point.  However, at least 4, if not more, think that it is a TYPICAL point. 

In this case, I think they should have a full panel review the rack.

However, they then state that they will not review it unless it's a top ten or world record.  Well, this one could be, if it was found to have been misjudged.

You see, by initially scoring this as a 180 inch deer, they excluded it from ever being appealed.  However, if they had scored it as a world record deer, according to the laws, then they could have it rescored by the panel?  How fair is that, where they can basically re-score it to make it worse, but can never re-score it to make it better.


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I agree. It seems like there

I agree. It seems like there are more official scorers that believe it is a typical than there are that believe it is a non-typical. But since it was given an official score of 180" it seems like it will not be scored again because it is not a top ten record. Seems suspicious to me.