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World’s Largest Bear Hunt 2007

Our charity started this project at the end of last March by writing a letter to almost 1,000 bear hunters in the hope they would donate their bear licenses to a disabled or critically-ill youth hunter.

Twenty-six of the bear licenses were donated by bear hunters and 2 bear licenses were from the WI DNR learn-to-hunt program. The Lake Superior chapter of SCI covered 100% of the out-of-state licensing fee. We had taxidermist donate a free shoulder mount or rug for each successful bear hunter.

Out of the 28 bear hunts these special kids harvested 23 bears; an overall 82% success rate. We put together a 2 ½ minute piece of footage of this hunt you can view at:

If you look under “ More From: Gubbs2008” you can see more hunting and fishing wishes we have granted. We appreciate your support in our cause; may God bless you all.

Brigid O’Donoghue,
President and Founder
United Special Sportsman Alliance

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