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A word about the needy.

Those of you hunters still hunting, but have a freezer full of venison, or those hunters who haven't gotten a deer and if you do, might just give it to a friend. I would like to mention that most states have deer donation programs for food banks or pantries.

In WI, the state runs one and there is a private one run with state's approval called Target Hunger. You kill a deer, you drop it off at one of approved processors. Thats it. You get to go hunting and at the same time, feed people who very much need the food. Many people request that over beef at the food pantry's.

Its your deer and your choice. With states allowing several tags per hunter, I am hoping there are some who read this, that have extra and will donate their deer to help feed the needy. I don't have alot of money, but this is something I can do. What better satisfaction for a hunter than providing meat for the table. You can enjoy your hunt and feed many people at the same time.

All I ask is that you consider it.

Happy Holidays.

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A word about the needy.

Michigan has a good program as well. You can visit their website at the following: