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Wondering About Southeast Montana Public Land

I live across the border in SD and would like to hunt ASntelope or mule deer in the SE corner of MT. Just wondering how much public land (BLM and Forest service) is available for folks to hunt. I am thinkig about putting in for a hunt next year, but want to get as much info as possible. The antelope here in NW SD is great, but would like to try MT.
Thanks, Joe

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Wondering About Southeast Montana Public Land

I hunted SE Montana (area 700) a few years ago. Not sure how much public land there is, but we saw a lot of "Access Yes" places to hunt. We didn't even hunt them. We would drive down the public roads and look for antelope. When we saw some, we would go to the land owner and ask permission to hunt. We only asked three landowners and got permission from two and filled both of our tags. Dont know if they are still as willing. From what I understand, antelope tags for that area are pretty easy to get. We got ours on first try. I think you can even get a second tag (maybe only doe). We pretty much stayed around the Broudus (sp) area. Hope this helps

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Wondering About Southeast Montana Public Land

There is a lot of BLM and state land in the SE corner. There is also a sizeable chunk of the Custer National Forest as well near Broadus. Make sure you get a recent map as swaps do occur now and then between the ranchers and govt. There are a lot of outfitters in the Broadus area these days, but I couldn't say for sure if how much they have leased for antelope. Traditionally it's somewhat easier to get permission to hunt antelope also - they're seen as more of a pest than the deer herds by the ranchers. But regardless if every square foot of private land is leased by outfitters, there is still plenty of Federal and state land down there. Happy hunting.

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