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Wolves - what do you see

Hello all,

I'll say it outright.

I am doing a book on wolves and I have need of some information from hunters... yes hunters.

I am not so anti-hunt person, a few of my closest friends happen to be avid hunters, as it is more I'd like a non-traditional standpoint in the book.

Which is why I need photos of wolf pelts and locations as well as possible seasons.

I want to prove that colors differ between packs and locations and seasons.

I have no intentions of using anyone info / name. Just the photo.

So let's say you shot a black wolf, all I need is the season and the location... so black wolf shot winter outside of yellowstone for example. If you remember the sex and size, all the better.


Any assistance is greatly welcomed.

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I think your going to have a hard time with this book. I'm new to this forum but it seems to me there are not a lot of hunters if any who have taken wolfs on this fourum if so I'd like to see their pictures. Your best bet is to talk with the Idaho/Montana fish & game. Each wolf killed has to be brought to a station where it can be measured, weighed, and other stuff. They would have the dates of the kills and the areas they came from. If your looking for data this is your best bet. Good luck. Your going to need it. As far as color goes, I think it's all in the genes and I think it will be very hard to prove you theory. That being said I'm not a biologist.

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