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Wolves & Elk Hunting - Crying Wolf Movie

Some of the most famous elk herds in the world are slowly becoming things of the past. The Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd in Montana once numbered nearly 20,000 head; today there is less than 4,000, and it's because of wolves.

The great Bitterroot Herd, also in Montana, is now in real jeopardy of basically being gone for the same reason.

There's an agenda behind the wolf movement and it has nothing to do with saving wolves or balancing ecosystems. It's about eliminating the sportsmen, the hunter, and destroying the North American wildlife system. Find this hard to believe?


The entire film is going to be released tomorrow (9.12.11) and will air for free for a limited time on the website.

People have to wake up to what is going on out here, or there will be nothing left to hunt.

Please help spread the word!

Jeffrey King

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It will be interesting to see this video once it is released. I could only see the preview as of today. I have said for a long time that animal rights/anti-hunters groups do not really care about the wolf, they care about stopping all hunting. They also have little to no regard for the ranchers that are effected but that is another topic. Prime case for hunting is the Northern Yellowstone elk herd. Since the elk numbers are getting so low these groups will want to stop hunting to save the elk when in fact we need to hunt the wolf to better balance the system and save the elk. Wolves need to be managed like all other big game predators such as bears and lion. Wolf management along with all other game management should be done at the state level not the federal level. IMO this same situation will soon be making more headlines for the Yellowstone grizzly population. I do not advocate wiping out all the wolves or grizzlies as I feel they are a part of the west and our western heritage. However, we most certainty need to properly manage and hunt them properly so the elk and deer herd can flourish. Sound management not eradication.  

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Thanks for the comment, SGM. 

Thanks for the comment, SGM.  You guys already have a spillover of "Yellowstone" wolves already in northwest Colorado, and the population will only increase.

The film is live right now! Watch on http://www.cryingwolfmovie.com

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