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Wolves & Elk

This is how the tree huggers think wildlife should be controled.

It doesn't look like a very pleasent way to die to me.




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Nature is a harsh mistress.

Nature is a harsh mistress.  Seems to me a hunters bullet is a much more humane way to control big game populations.  

Although I'm not a wildlife biologist, I would suspect hunting, in general, provides a much more predictable harvest as well.

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Plus, we should be thinking

Plus, we should be thinking of feeding humans instead of wolves.

Of course the treehuggers would prefer to feed the wolves. They're probably all vegetarians.  Sick


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March is a good time to call wolves in Idaho

Anyone who would like to come out and try to help us with the wolf problem will find plenty of people willing to give you info on where there are wolves, which is pretty much everywhere, but locals will tell you pretty much anything they can to help you hunt or trap them. There are also plenty of good outfitters that can set you up with a wolf hunt. It is going to take a lot to keep wolf numbers in check so come on over and give us a hand, we'd love to have ya!

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What does a non-res wolf license cost in Idaho ?, i Elk hunted in MT last year, and thought about buying a wolf license there, but it is just nuts what they wanted to charge for a non-res wolf license. i felt like they really didn't want any help controling them.


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Wolves & Buffalo

A couple of weeks ago a friend went on a snow coach ride in Yellowstone Park.  They came across 7 wolves feeding on an adult buffalo.  He didn't know how long the buffalo had been down before they got there, but they watched it for almost 30 minutes.  The whole time they were there, the buffalo was still struggling to get up as the wolves were tearing flesh off of it and eating it.

Several years ago I shot a buffalo with my .54 Hawken BP rifle.  He was dead within 30 seconds of the shot.  Most of the big game animals that I have shot with my centerfire rifles died quicker than that. 

So what is more humane, being eaten alive by a pack of wolves or almost instanteanous death from a hunter's bullet?

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Buffybr:  I had a neighbor


I had a neighbor one time that thought that wolves were the solution to the large numbers of elk running around Wyoming and Montana.  When i mentioned how miserable of a death that the elk experience at the hands of a wolf she didn't care.  All she would say is that it is a natural death.  It was too bad that she never saw a video of what really happens when a pack of wolves get ahold of a animal. 

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