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Here's a few thoughts I had:

Howdy all.

Late night and the two pebbles in my head are spinning around and bumping in to each other in that vast void known as my brain. That led to me thinking about wolves.

As a mythical creature they are great for stories, but I'm not so sure they are so great in real life. Arizona, along with other western states has gone to the exspense and trouble of reintroducing wolves to the wild. Since wolves have no predator, other than man, I can see the potential for the wolf packs to grow out of control, while decimating game herds and livestock.

Given that a big part of founding the west was based on livestock production in the early years, the wolf was hunted to almost extinction. Was this a good thing? I tend to think so, as the livestock herds grew so did the other game animals like deer and elk. Coyote management was often done by trapping, which is now almost illegal. I hardly see a Mule Deer now, when back in the 1980's, after multiple poisonings of coyote packs, the coyote's prey rebounded and were abundant, like rabbits. Today I'm seeing more coyotes and less rabbits and deer in many of the areas I frequent.

This leads me to think that better and more effective predator control needs to be accomplished. Of course even mentioning such a thing tends to send the tree hugging bunny loving granola eaters in to a tizzy. Since game animals will self correct in a natural environment, with some becoming extinct, the unbalance in the equation is us, man. We are now a consideration in the equation. Animals no longer have the vast expanse of territory they once had as the human population exspands. Thus it falls to us to become that regulating feature that Mother Nature once had.

I submit that predator control needs to be increased, and wolves hunted in most western states no matter the sensitivities of the tree hugging granola eating crowd. I am curious as to everyone's opinion on the matter. I have found that good livestock management, and healthy cattle, tends to also benefit the deer and elk population as well. What say you all?


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At one point you say you

At one point you say you think wolves should be hunted to extinction and then turn around and say the human population should be thier control. I tend to agree more with the later.

My reasoning for this is that it is the more natural (tree huging granola way). When wolves hunt they take the old and weak from the heard; the cull, and humans tend to want to shoot the trophies. A good predotor base is not all bad for larger game animals. Sure I say open up the hunting for wolves and let game management control it but lets not iradicate them. I would love to hunt a wolf!

The tree hugger in me just thinks they are cool.:yes:

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you're missing one integral

you're missing one integral part of the survival of the fittest strategy. wolves take the old, weak and young.

this affects the annual recruitment rate of elk. you see, the population trends in most places where the wolf are re-introduced show small numbers of young animals and large numbers of older animals... the opposite of a wolf- free ecosystem.

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I would love to hunt and kill

I would love to hunt and kill a wolf as well but I also hope they don't ever get established in Colorado. If I need to I can go somewhere else to hunt them as the management issue just gets too complicated and emotional. Around here it would be even worse as the tree huggers are out of control. I think the point he was making was near extinction was a good thing, not total extinction and management is very necessary. Although the old and sick animals are usually the first to go, when the wolf population gets as big as it is that is no longer true and they kill everything that they see no matter the age or health status. And with wolves the need to eat is not always the reason they kill and sometimes seem to do it just for pleasure. I have watched a couple of coyotes kill deer in the snow as well and then just walk away after it was over.

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I sure am removed from the

I sure am removed from the struggle (here in Virginia) so I see better now what you guys are talking about. As much as I love the big game hunting it would be devistating to loose it to out of control wolf pack.

Yea there are always those who don't understand I guess thats what I'm trying to do. Many people don't wan't any wolves killed and that is about as wrong as iradicating them.

I trust the wildlife management folks though and as long as tree huggers alow them to work we may be able to keep the population in check.

What do ya think?

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anti's and treehuggers

Defenders of wildlife have an online petition to keep Wyoming from managing wolves on National Forest land.  They already have their goal of 75,000 "actions." They have a link of "action" on their facebook page and their web page.

States have been very succesful at managing wildlife on Federal land and should be able to manage all wildlife on those lands.  Making a predator species that grows at the rate wolves off limites makes management of other species impossible.

I was hoping that there would be counter petition somewhere online by RMEF, SCI or elsewhere but have not been able to find one. 





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