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Re: Wolf Pack in West Central Colorado?

Has anyone heard anything more about this? I've tried to find info on the biologist reports, but can't seem to find anything online.

Last I heard was that the scat was indeed from wolves, but I can't find any confirmation on that.

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Re: Wolf Pack in West Central Colorado?

Say goodbye to your elk.

I would sure like to see the NUMBERS$$$ with regard to a positive economic impact from the wolves. Positive economic impact is fantasy. I doubt the sale of wolf tags in Idaho even scratched the surface for the lost revenue of over a decade on declining elk tag sales. Do people really `flock' to yellowstone to see wolves? First I've heard of it. Did they see any? Would they have not gone to yellowstone had there not been wolves there? Did people flock to Idaho over the past 14 years to see wolves in Idaho? (Lots of wolves in Idaho, now.) When people I talk to say they are going to yellowstone, they generally fail to mention that they are going there to see wolves.

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Re: Wolf Pack in West Central Colorado?
Hiker wrote:
We have had them here in Colorado for over 10 years, it's just a matter of time before some packs get going. More hunters report hearing them or seeing them every year. We are also going to start getting them from the South as New Mexico and AZ wolves move north. The one female that was road killed by Idaho Springs, CO was way back in 1996 or so.

It's true. Hiker is right. They've been here for a while. It's just a matter of time before we see organized packs. It was about 3 to 4 years ago when someone near Red Feather Lakes video taped a black one. I recall the road kill on I-70 near Idaho Springs.

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Re: Wolf Pack in West Central Colorado?

They are definately in colorado! ran into a bunch in unit 7 on my archery hunt last year. they never got close enough to make us nervous but they were definately wolves, when we got back to denver we stopped at the DOW office to talk to them about wolves and all they can do is deny that they exist here! the officer we talked to said that them doe deer sized BLACK dogs we saw were all coyotes. said if we see these big black "coyotes" we can shoot em' too! "cause we do not have wolves" he said to us with a wink. Wolves are the last thing we need roamin our mountains!

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Re: Wolf Pack in West Central Colorado?

Nice to have the go ahead, I just wouldn't brag about the good shot placement Whistling

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Re: Wolf Pack in West Central Colorado?

chevynbowtech, that does not surprise me one bit to hear that you've seen them in GMU 7. My dad spends a lot of in GMU 8 on the east side of the Laramie River drainage, and swears he caught a glimpse of one crossing the road in front of him a few years back. For awhile, I thought the CDOW had a video posting on their website of a suspected sighting north of Walden, GMU 6 or 161. I havn't looked for this posting for awhile, and they may have taken it down, if the official stance is that wolves don't exist in Colorado (wink)!

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