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Yeah, that's way too close to

Yeah, that's way too close to home.

There's over 20 established packs in the Idaho Panhandle alone.  The elk do not need that kind of pressure, and we certainly don't need them on the edges of town.

The original objective to maintain, let's see, what was it? - 180 Canadian Grey Wolves - was a number that was set to take into consideration their role in the ecology. 

There's many places, at least in Idaho, where elk habitat is declining - and that will have a big impact on populations.  Add to that the wolf population that is way above objective, and, well, you know.

I tend to think that the wolf hunts will not have enough harvests to make any long term reduction on wolf populations.  It may make the population more steady, but apart from F&G annihilating packs, I just don't see the wolf populations decreasing.  Especially if wolves smart up, start realizing that they're being hunted, and stay out of sight during daylight hours.

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please dont take my comment

please dont take my comment as im against hunting wolves.  like any other predator, they need controlled.  it just seems that when the topic comes up, there are not many taking the side of the wolf.  they have a pivital role in ecology and its natural management.  i would hate to see them get wiped out to nothing.  but also, the issues are different in many regions.  seems up north where the wolves are to many, the herds are thinning.  here in colorado, the Elk are to many.  they are getting far to abundant.  eventually though, the wolf will be an issue here as well.  ill tel you this, i see a wolf anywhere near my family, it will not have a chance to piss me off.  especially a 150# wolf. cant imagine that in person!

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A Wolf

I got this in a email a few weeks ago, it said that this one the was taken in Idaho this year.

how would you like to run into 6 or 8 of these ?.

and from the reports that i have heard, they are already in Colorado and Utah the numbers just haven't grown yet.


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That's quite an impressive pic bucky! I have a hybrid wolf mix close to that size living with me. It seems to me that if the "wolves" are growing to that size they may have cross bred with some sort of domestic dog. We have that issue here in NE TN where the coyote population has bred with backyard dogs to produce HUGE bybrid animals. Add to that the sheer number of the hybrids and you've got a big problem. I think (because the hybrid coyotes here are sort of white and fluffy) that considering the look of the animals around here and the fact that there's a lot of sheep/goat farms around, that the Great Pyrenees has found it's way into the gene pool. Way out in the wilderness cross breeding may not be a problem... I wonder how they get so big? Even the wildlife park near me doesn't have wolves that size.



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They are Big, the email i got actually had 5 or 6 pictures of Wolves killed in Idaho this year, they were all that size, they just varied in color. i just posted one picture so people could see how Big they are.


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Wow.  As alot of others have

Wow.  As alot of others have said, way too close for comfort!!!

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They're in Colorado now, and

They're in Colorado now, and they're protected. I hope Colorado doesn't wait until it's out of control like other states.

I'll gladly offer my time to keep them in check.


I don't see our elk herd as being out of control. We don't need any help from wolves.

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I would like to say I am not

I would like to say I am not a big supporter with the wolves at all. I have noticed since the introducing of the animals the decline of the elk and deer and moose population in Yellow stone park as well as state wide in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming have been hit extremly. The wolves were gone for a reason and now since the introducing back again caused huge problems. Utah does have the wolves for sure they have trapped 3 wolves on the back side of the Wasatch front in the last year. Its way to close these animals are like locus they wont be stopped they keep migrating.

Only good wolf is a died wolf to me, The elk, deer and moose already have a diffcult time with winter ranges and hunting pressure and now these things chasing them 24/7 not good for the futur hunters.

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The wolves that were

The wolves that were "introduced", not "reintroduced", into the ecosystem that we are talking about on this thread are huge compared to the wolves that were wiped out by settlers many decades ago.  They are killing machines and will kill anything in sight for fun or food!  Because of the ESA the states have been powerless until recently to do much more than take out ones that were encroaching onto ranches and killing domestic livestock.  The antis and tree huggers will stop at nothing until they have them in every state in the union.  My feelings are that if that's what they want that a few of those nice furry critters be  dropped into downtown LA and a few more into Central Park in NY.  I'll bet there would be a drastic change in the minds of a lot of the wackos out there that cherish animal life over humans if that was done!

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A buddy of mine in

A buddy of mine in kingston,idaho found his dog dead.  ripped to shreds.  He thinks a small wolf.  But probably a coyote.

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