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Wolf Hunters/Trappers Needed In Montana

Last years Montana wolf hunt was not a success and Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks has raised the total quota of wolves that need to be culled and the numbers of wolves each hunter/trapper is able to take. This year persons may take 3 wolves but only 1 may be taken by gun/arrow. Trapping will be allowed this year even over protests by activist groups to try to cull the ever increasing numbers of wolves. All trappers must have a trapping class provided free by Montana FWP. State biologist have finally amitted that elk and deer populations are down in a lot of areas and wolves are believed to be the leading factor in this. Hunter success has dropped below 25% in most areas because of the low numbers of elk and deer. Come hunt some wolves, you can only do it legally in 3 of the lower 48 states. If you come elk hunting buy a wolf tag, you may get lucky! Wolf tags MUST be purchased 5 days prior to your hunt.

My numbers may not be accurate, see Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks website http://fwp.mt.gov/ for accurate imformation, including license fees, requirements and open and closed units.

Cliff B


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I really don't think that the FWP wants non-Resedent help vary bad, I have hunted MT for the last 4 years and enjoy your State. But at a little over $250.00 for a non-res Wolf tag, i wont buy one. that is just totally NUTS. JMHO.


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I agree. Idaho and Montana should both lower their out of state wolf tags. I know some hunters see a wolf as an exotic big game hunt but to locals and the people that have to live with them they are vermin and should be like shooting a coyote. I am glad to see trapping used more. Trapping didn't reach my part of Idaho before I had to move to Colorado so I never got the chance. It's the best way to get them it's just to bad their's not many trappers around especially those with the time and skill to trap wolfs. I'm sure I'll get my chance in a few years when wolfs start taking over Colorado.