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Wolf Delisting by End of Week?

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Wolf Delisting by End of Week?

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Wolf Delisting by End of Week?

I think the problem has aready gotten out of hand. Utah is now saying they have confirmed a pack in the northern utah dutch john area. hope containment comes just a bit faster for them. It is just one large step to help create an argument to say humans are no longer needed to maintain herd health. Thus eliminate hunting altogether. This is a radical point of view but it is the peta and other radical greenies point of view.You think they will allow a wolf tag on the unit27 b tag in 2008?

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After living in in Wyoming in the general area of the wolf restoration, and getting to know some of the locals they affect, plus a background in ranching and raising livestock, it is good to hear that the wolves are off the endangered species list. Hopefully they will go back on it soon. There is a reason the wolves were absent from that part of the country, one which their supporters would little understand. If a person moves into a new country they should find out where they are moving, what the people who have to live there and make a living are, what they believe, and the reasons they do. These people didn't make their living in new england, and retire with a comfortable living to take pictures of "adorable" wildlife. They were there to begin with, and far better understand the rigors of their ecosystem far better than anyone with PETA , or any other civilian wildlife association ever will. Each and every supporter of the wolf restoration project should go to the establishments where the ranchers and ranch hands congregate and loudly proclaim their support. Contact me, I will send them a get well card. Cattle are but one affected form of livestock, they have, at least by virtue of their size, a chance. Sheep have none. The wolves DAILY affect the elk on their wintering grounds at Jackson, it is NOT only the old or weak they cull, it is this years' crop of calves that are most affected. They have very little fear of humans there, because they are protected. Any wildlife officer will tell you that the most dangerous type of predator is one with no fear of humans, and wolves are top predators. Yes, they will spread into Idaho, and Oregon, and most likely into Utah, if they haven't already, and all wildlife will affected. Hunters are selective, and contribute to the local economy. Wolves are non-selective and destroy more of the local economy than they will ever provide, I can only hope that the first human attacked is a photographer, and a member of a restoration support group to boot, and not some camper or ranchers child, sheepherder, or ranch hand. Remember what happened to the "Bear Man" in Alaska? And he lived with his predators, supposedly an expert. RIP, When hunting in Wyoming if a wolf tag is an option, I'll have one.

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