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wolf ammo, why the bad rep?

I was just curious why people don't seem to like wolf ammo. I haven't shot much myself so no real expierence. It just seems to have a bad rep.

anyone know why?


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wolf ammo, why the bad rep?

The 22LR is loaded by SK in Germany and is very good for the price. I tried the .223 out of national match AR (that will hold sub MOA with good match loads) and would do no better than 5MOA with the Wolf.

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wolf ammo, why the bad rep?

Like Foxhunter said some of their centerfire loads don't preform as well as premium or match grade bullets. Most of their "hunting" loads aren't up to the quality standards I like for my moose/bear hunting.
With that being said if i could legaly own a AK variant or AR with a couple High cap mags I'd stock up on a 1000 or so rounds of it or bulk military surplus.
You know just incase there ever happens to be a zombie apocolypse or something equaly bad....that doesn't make me crazy does it?

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wolf ammo, why the bad rep?

Wiskey JaR was here a few weeks ago and brought some for his semi-auto 223. They would hang up in the chamber when you fired them. Another friend of mine got a bunch of that same 223 ammo and can't hit a barn from the inside. Add to that that the cases are steel, you can't reload them. That might be why they didn't work ewell in the semi-auto. They were forced to expand but don't cool well enough to let go the chamber walls immediately? Or maybe it's a steel on steel thing?

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wolf ammo, why the bad rep?

Aye I was fixing to say same thing Don said, Personally I wont buy any more "wolf" ammo.
I dont think I fired more then 2-3 shots before it would jam up. Mostly what seemed to be happening was not enough gas presure to blow bolt back to cycle now bullet. A couple of times I would get a "stove pipe"with the casing, other times the bolt would not retract at all. Turned me semi-auto into a single shot bolt action

Just me two cents worth from actuall experience.


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wolf ammo, why the bad rep?

I've had good luck with Wolf Ammo, but I really just use it for my AR when I'm feeling trigger happy. If I'm shooting for scores or good groups I use something else.

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wolf ammo, why the bad rep?

Many shooters don't like the idea of putting steel cases into the chambers of their rifles. The Wolf cheap stuff is made of lacqured steel like much of the Soviet military surplus ammo. While the AK, SKS and varients of those were designed for this ammo the military & commercial rifles of the rest of the world are not.

Many also feel that the lacquer will melt in a hot chamber and cause extraction problems.

All that said, please be aware that Wolf also has brass cased ammo.

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wolf ammo, why the bad rep?

i use wolf in my romanian ak and never have a problem

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wolf ammo, why the bad rep?

I've hear so many different views on this stuff. One range I know of has a sign up explicitley saying "NO RUSSIAN AMMO".

I have a couple of really good friends who have fired thousands of wolf rounds through their ARs and AKs with no problem at all. Most of the times I've been there with them. Then again I've read some pretty unbelievable and rediculous stuff where other shooters claim that wolf ammo was responsible for their gun blowing up, rusting and corroding, disintigrating, turning red, loss of accuracy, turning into left-wing Hillary, etc. And the most rediculous reason of all: "It's dirty". ALL AMMO IS DIRTY!!! Just some more than others. You still should mainatin a gun cleaning habit to some degree.

Basically I think it comes down to one thing really. Those who don't like it, don't like it simply because it's Russian!!!

Hey I myself would rather buy American made ammo and reloading componets too. But, gee, when all the current American makers are kicking us in between the legs with rediculous prices for ammo and components I can't fault shooters who want to buy something cheaper. Yeah I like to support American corporations, but many of them lately are not doing us (the consumer) any big favors. All we get are poor excuses of why prices are doubling, trippling, quadroppling......

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