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Wisonsin Bow hunter looking to hunt out of state? Any suggestions?

I live in Wisconsin and would like to try my luck at bow hunting for mule deer or whitetail out of state. Does anyone have any prefences or opinons on where I should go and why? I would prefer a DIY but not opposed to guided or semi guided hunts either.





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Well, Montana and Wyoming are

Well, Montana and Wyoming are good states that have crossovers of mulies and whitetail.

As for DIY or semi guided, I cannot recommend anyone there, but there are a few guys on here who may be able to.  If you can do fully guided, there are tons of places out there that you can look at in that area. 

Maybe check out some of the guide services that allow semi guided archery hunts, and go from there.

Oh, and why leave Wisconsin?  You've got alot of nice bucks there, and I wouldn't mind bowhunting them at all.... :wink:  Welcome to the site!

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I think it comes down to what

I think it comes down to what type of hunt you want and how soon your planning. CA_ suggested Montana and Wyoming, you could also look into Colorado, I personaly would love to do a backcountry above timberline hunt. I know in Colorado all deer tags are on a draw system and you would probaly need a point or 2 to get your tag. There are others on the site that will have more detailed info for you. I'm starting to plan a 2014 hunt and i think thats the way I'm gonna go.

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South Dakota is a great place for both

South Dakota is a great place for whitetails and muleys.  Especially here in the Black Hills and south and west to the Nebraska and Wyoming borders.  I am a former Wisconsinite livinf here in Custer, SD for the past 6 1/2 years and love the hunting here.  Plenty of public land for a DIY and as you cannot have a paid guide on public land, I would volunteer to show you some of my favorite hunting spots.  Go to www.gfp.sd.gov and fill out a profile and click on the email and you can get updates and info about when the tags go on sale and apply for them online.  Hope this helps.

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