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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

The only good work is a dead one simple as that....the only bad wolf is a live one...this also goes for Washingtons of so great plan to reintroduce wolves....such a great idea...the took away our hound hunting for Cats and Bear so the deer and elk are dropping in numbers and the predators are on the rise...now lets add wolves to the proaganda and tottaly get rid of our big game.... Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,)

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

Dan K - I don't like them any more than you do, but we need to keep things in perspective. In 20 years, you and I will still be complaining about them. As far as most of us are concerned, they should be treated like coyote's. That's our 1st step.

We should work toward the laws needed to allow wolf hunting.....and make those laws similar to those we have for coyote's. That way we can at least drive the population down to something manageable.

The truth of the matter is that we all should've fought harder before introduction. It will be more difficult now that they have already been established.

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

I thought wolves were a BAD thing.....

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

Hello all,

I'm new to the site.

I'd like to start by saying that there have been a lot of good points made here. I think there are valid things that have been said supporting both sides of the matter.

I have a cabin, it's in Clam Lake Wisconsin. For those of you who don' know where I'm referring to, click this link.


I can tell you first hand that the wolves have impacted the deer population in our area. More accurately, I can tell you about elk predation in the area. The DNR has been carefully monitoring the fatality stats of the partially state funded elk reintroduction project for years. Year after year I go to the meeting to hear anything and everything that you ever wanted to know about an elk. Including how they have come to pass. Wolves, have been responsible for an increasing number of elk deaths just about every year.

Here's the rub:

You can make statistics say anything you want them to. I didn't mention that automobile related crashes are the #1 form of death for elk in the Clam Lake herd.

I'm not going to worry about how many deer are left uneaten by the wolves in my state, when I pass over 100 of them rotting on the side of the road, their corpses demoralized to the point of only painting them orange to warn motorists rather than to remove the carcass to save tax dollars.

Yes, wolves are elusive. Independent and government agents may disagree on exact totals....but we all agree they are out there. If, the wolf population is a concern, I think battles need to be faught in the court room.

The society we live in today considers hunting a privledge, let's not jeopordize it by giving it a bad name.

I don't like giving up a single deer either, but this is fuel for the anti's you know.

If it's the law I'm going to follow it, to keep the sport in the good graces of the non hunting public.

If the wolves are a problem, abolish them the right way.

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

For all of the "Dr. Who" fans......... In the imortal words of Daveros, "Exterminate, Exterminate, Exterminate". Evil! Thumbs up

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

Yes --A good wolf is a dead wolf, around my neck as a RUFF, or on my wife's parka(Beaver)-AK lo0oking at having F&G shoot them from helicopters as lousy snow conditions this winter made shooting from super cubs difficult--going to be lots of BS from Antis about this--just got back from 2 weeks in Fairbanks-great snomachining and our team even won the Tired Iron Classic Race & Rally

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

reintoducing wolf was the stupidest thing that states could have done

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

Ahmen again.

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

As said in some posts above, very good points have been made.
The WDNR claims that the deer population is growing, but hunters, or atleast us up here in the great white north, eh. Have seen a decline in the number of deer in the woods. They live in the subdivisions now, were they get fed year round and not under any sort of hunting pressure. The wolf population here is said, once again by my beloved WDNR, to be only one or two packs roaming the northern wisconsin/ western UP. I call Bravo Sierra on that. They are around, a lot more than is said. Just like cougars/mountain lions, which a few are around, but the DNR says that they not.
So i guess im getting at that, wolves dont like to be near populated areas too much, so they thin out whats left of the deer herd left living in the woods. I, personally have seen a major decrease in deer movement/population in the turf ive hunted here since i was young, but i dont attribute that to the wolves. Not to say that isnt the problem else were. Its just that, like it or not the wolves do serve a purpose.
So lets supose we were to exterminate the wolf population, entirely, ok?
What else preys upon deer? Cougars (once a gain VERY limited numbers of them here) ? Coyotes? Humans? We, as hunters would basicly be charged with controling the deer herd, and we are already to a certain extent. But it appears to me that the sport of hunting is on a bit of a downslide. Our beloved hobby gets somewhat a black eye in public opinion. This needs to be very carefully thought out.
Elimination of the wolf population would probably be a well recieved idea with the majority of the populace, but with lead to other problems that would need adressing. Personally, i do not wish to see the wolves exterminated. Yes, the prospect of a wolf stalking me as I exit my tree stand in the dark is frightening as all hell, but i will deal with it.

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Aldo Leopold

Any of you ever read "A Sand County Almanac"? We need to stop being so ignorant and bull headed. There CAN be wolves and deer, moose, people. We just have to manages the wildlife and more importantly the HABITAT! We can have our cake and eat it too; as long as we carefully manage all the populations.

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