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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

That is too bad we have stupid people doing stupid things to give all hunters a bad name. I hope they catch the people responsible for these shootings.

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

its sad that people would do it, Our world is filled with these types of hunters, hunters that don't care about our rep. or animals either, I hope they find these hunters because someone should be held accountable

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Living here in Wisconsin I can tell you that the general hunting population is not happy with the wolf numbers. There has been a high number of hunting dogs bear and bird that have been killed by the wolves.
It does not suprise me that there isnt more killed in the northern woods. Most people will tell you that they dont have a problem with the wolves as long as they dont populate Wisconsin.
I know that talking with people who have hunted the national forest for many years said that once the wolf moved in the number of deer that they see during the rifle season has dropped drastically.
I guess since it is a protected species you have to condem the action, but if the the wolf took up residence in your neck of the woods I dont think you would sing the same tune.

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

ClayCrusher there is proly more killed then people own up to in the north woods....most people arent happy with wolves any where

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

Be careful what you guys wish for, wolves spell nothing but disaster for wildlife populations.

I am sure that this will garner some hate mail, but its true. We kill any and all wolves that we can, which compared to populations isn't alot because they are such an elusive animal.

Wolves are pure Evil!

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

Idaho just delisted the wolves, so now they will be even harder to control as they will become wise and more elusive. You shoot at a wolf once and they learn to stay away from humans...but still kill deer and elk.


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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

Unless they are endangered, I really don't have a problem with hunters taking down a wolf from time to time.

To me, it's no different than shooting a coyote here where I hunt. Deer hunters have to take care of the deer and if that means controlling the predator numbers, then so be it.

Another post speaks of mountain lions roaming the midwest hunting grounds. The DNR has always denied their existence, but many feel they have been released into the habitat to help control deer populations.

I don't know if I'd shoot one, but they have been known to attack and kill humans.. Think

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

We have a lot more of thode woods rats over here in Minnesota. As far as most of us that have had to live with them........ There are two kinds of Wolves.....good ones and live ones.

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HOORAY for the guys in Wisconsin. I live near the Whittington Center in New Mexico which is adjacent to Ted Turners big holdings. That son of a &*(%%$# has released wolves in our area and They are raising havoc with the wildlife, especially the Bighorn Sheep.

Kill every one you see! I even hunt them.

A recent fishing trip to Wyoming discovered that the ranchers are shooting every one that they see.

Save our game. Foo on the tree huggers.

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Wisconsin Loses 9 Wolves During Deer Season

Wolves make for a healthy deer population. Without natural predators the old and the week use the resources the healthy deer need. Man I thought this misconcepion died with William T. Hornaday bach in the first part of the century. There are still a lot of ignorant people out there

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