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wisconsin Elk and whitetail preserve Special 2 bulls 5000


A guide/tracker for each hunter, if requested.
The property is heavily wooded; animals can be hunted with bow, gun, or handgun.
All hunts are 3 days, we have lodging available, or a hotel is close by.
Meals available upon request. Our cabin has a small kitchen. We cater to small hunting parties.
Our vision is to give the sportsman his choice from a doe or cow, up to a 400+ bull elk. Tell us what you are looking for, we can make it happen.
Whitetail Hunt it includes three days, a chance at any whitetail on the preserve, hunter’s choice. The whitetails will range from 120-170. Your skill and preference will determine your trophy, not the guide.
The price for that hunt is 1700.00 Guaranteed Hunt
Guaranteed Doe Hunts 250.00 each
We also have available 750 acres of open timber available of wilderness hunting, all wild hunting. This would require a state license. Currently we have stands on well used game trails. We do not over hunt this area, you will see deer. The rest is up to you. But there are never guarantees.
Price is 100.00 a day / 25.00 a night extra for lodging if cabin is available.

ELK hunts are conducted on the preserve area the prices vary.

Management bulls 250-300+BC 1700.00 5X5, 6X6, and small 7X7s
325-350 bulls 3000.00 Special 2 bulls 5000.00 while supply lasts
350-375 bulls 4000.00
375-399 bulls 6000.00-7500.00 Please note: bulls 375+ will be prices on an individual basis.
400+ bulls 8000.00+ we have some very large bulls.
Butchering and processing is available on premises 150.00 for an elk
Please note all pricing can change, owner reserves the right to change said pricing.

References Are Available
Please see our website:
Phone: (715)924-4635 e-mail:
Daryl Szyska (773)792-2650 e-mail:

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