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Wisconsin Deer Hunters Urged to Help Eliminate Feral Pigs

From the sounds of this, I'm glad I live in SD.

RD in SD

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WI Hunting as a whole is rediculas.

Yes I dont live in WI true,I live in MI...however I live on the border of Upper MI and WI.I cant say whats worse Michigan deer hunting regs or WI.Overall hunting REGs,its a toss up.
Earn a buck is the most unethical,rediculas idea I have ever seen.This is and has destroyed the age structure of the WI deer herd,with the exception of the only county worth a hill of beans in the entire state,Buffalo County.I was at the check in station in 2008 opening morning after joining my cousin on a hunt.Ill never buy a tag for that state again!!!! Nothing but 50lb fawns one after another it was sad.67% of them at the time I was there were Button Bucks,there goes your deer for the next few years. DEER HUNTING???
Bear Hunting,I see more bear in northern WI then anywhere Ive ever been.My cousins camp is always being infiltrated by bears,While stopping for breakfast in small northern restaraunt the owner told us how bears were damaging local birdfeeders and being hit by cars.Another near by farmer told us that in the last several years his calves were being killed by bear and half his corn was eaten or trampled flat by bear.
I asked my cousin why he doesnt hunt bear? He told me he had been applying for a bear tag for 9 years and couldnt draw a tag.
WI DNR get your head out of your __s!!!!!
And while your at it get MI DNR to do the same!!!!

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WI DNR heads up their ARSE?


When Da Gov. DOYLE DOOLITTLE took over he made many changes to the DNR. He fired anyone with a scense of competence and hired his puppetteers. Then and since he thought about how he could make up funds for all the spending he was gonna do. His next project is to put a fee ( tax) of thirty dollars on every background check done when anyone purchases a firearm. Our DNR managers Don't even hunt or fish. Now how would they know what is best for our natural resources?

The spring meetings are comming up , do you think they will listen to the sportsmen and women at the meetings. The only thing they are interrested in is lining their pockets so they can spend somemore. The Two dollar unlimited tags bring in the funds for their spending frenzy and all the extra fees they can come up with will add to their coffers.

WI is and always will be one of the best states for hunting if only we could get someone to MANAGE our resources! Think Think Think

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