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Wisconsin Advisory Group Votes to Urge Wolf Season

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress voted on April 14 to urge the state to develop a gray wolf hunt to keep population numbers within management objectives.

The wolf hunt resolution passed through the Conservation Congress by a vote of 4,848 to 772 according to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress is a group of delegates elected by the citizens of the state and serves as an advisory group to the Natural Resources Board and the Wisconsin DNR. The group holds meetings in each of the 77 Wisconsin counties.

The gray wolf, also known as the timber wolf, was taken off the federal endangered species list by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) early last year in the Western Great Lakes region. That region includes the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. Wisconsin officials estimate the gray wolf population in the state is between 500 and 600.

A gray wolf hunt will need to be approved by the Wisconsin DNR. Officials say that now that the measure has passed the Conservation Congress it will go to the Natural Resources Board.

According to officials, it could take several years for a hunt to take place as the Department will conduct further population studies and hold a series of public meetings to gauge public opinion before making a decision. If approved at that point, the State Legislature will also have to give approval.

Anti’s are working to stop the hunt. Anti-hunting group Defenders of Wildlife has voiced its displeasure for the plan and intends to ask its Wisconsin members to oppose the hunt.

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation (USSAF) is currently representing hunters in a lawsuit brought by anti’s that will prevent the removal of recovered wildlife populations from the federal endangered list.

Anti-hunters sued the U.S. FWS in April of 2007, claiming it violated the Endangered Species Act (ESA) when it removed from the federal endangered list the distinct populations of abundant gray wolves in the Western Great Lakes region. Sportsmen are concerned that the obstruction of delistings will prevent states from resuming rightful control of healthy wildlife populations.

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Wisconsin Advisory Group Votes to Urge Wolf Season

There is absolutely no reason or need to hunt Grey Wolf in Wisconsin. There are 5 million people in the state with huge amounts of unsettled land. There are only 500 +/- wolves believed to be in the state. The Conservation Congress of WI sounds more important and educated than it is. There is no viable reason or conservation need that having a season for wolves will help or solve.

I hunt. Hunting is for the purpose of killing an animal for food or conservation/management. The joy of being in the woods and wandering around.

These people want to kill for the sake of killing. They want a wolf to go with their other trophies.

There is no real issue with live stock or other pest issues with the wolves. It just seemed the thing to do once they came of the Endangered Species list.

I hope the DNR chooses to ignore these idiots.

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Wisconsin Advisory Group Votes to Urge Wolf Season

Swampbuck Those are pretty harsh words coming from someone living in the big city far remooved from any wolf population. What the hell do you know about wolf problems, except that of which you read from some liberal tree hugger. Have seen the damage done by a pack of wolfs in a deer yard in norther wis. These animals kill for sport. Also if u realy think there only 500 wolfs in this state, you may be the idiot you are actually refering to.

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Wisconsin Advisory Group Votes to Urge Wolf Season

1.) You don't know where I live..big city lol. I grew up in a "village", 8 miles from the nearest town. Woods for my backyard and lake for my front yard. Less than 70 people in my entire graduating class. Don't talk to me about rural area's, you have no clue.

2.)Unless you have factual support for your claim that the population of wolves exceed 500 by a large margin, you are simply stating an opinion with fact to base it in.

3.)Wolves can and will kill livestock. It has more to do with encroachment of man on their natural territory and feeding areas, as well as ease of hunt. However, don't confuse what a pack of coyotes do to what a pack of wolves would do. Wolves are far more necessary to order of nature than coyotes. You want to hunt something over populated, hunt coyotes.

4.)Im sick and tired of people crying about "harsh words" or name calling as wheelan put it regarding my usage of the word "idiots". Since when are we so sensitive that stating the truth in ANY language is harsh and involves name calling. I don't beat around the bush and certainly could care less about softening my speech to make it politically correct. If people stop worrying about politically correctness and start worrying about actual right and wrong, instead of how someone says something, maybe we can grow up more as people.

Facts are facts and the words do not change the facts. If idiots is to harsh to use on a public forum in the United States, where free speech is a right, and the moderator of the forums feels that language is to harsh, then delete my account. I can not and will not "dumb down" my words or make them so they won't hurt someone's feelings, which there is no way to ascertain what will or won't cause someone emotional pain.

Sorry I was sooooo harsh, next time I will try to be much more thoughtful of the sensitive feelings of some people.

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