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Winter TrapLine Video - Reruns with slowmotion and closeups

Winter TrapLine Video - Reruns with slowmotion and closeups

Starting Tuesday 24 April 2007

The Defamation Of Character DOC suit by Gregory Gilbertson and MoreauLaw.ca
Has resulted in the winter trapline video (with close-ups) going into
re-runs. I'll use the re-runs, as the forum for making my case on the Net.
I'll slip in the odd, very odd discussion of the activities of this no
good, son of a B. GG. There are lots of things beyond what I have already
called him on. He has been here 22 years badgering people, doing favors
for his friends and getting same in return. I'll limit the DOC vids to 1
of the 10 videos each day. So bear with me.

There will be heavy editing of these videos, to show some of the action
close close up. The Weasel and the Bear will be viewed much more clearly.
I just re video the screen in these cases. If the video is fairly good
the re-shoot will be fine. I'm looking forward to seeing some of them
much larger and in super slow-motion.

Make sure you let your hunter-trapper friends know. I think this time
around will be almost as much fun as the first. There were 20,000 +
views of the various trapper hunter forums. This time maybe 100,000 or
more. Let me know your favorite videos and I'll post them permanently
on Video.google.ca and YouTube.com. (SpectateSwamp)

In the 3 hour grilling there was mention of 12 infractions. See if you
can spot them. I know those Spruce Hens, up close were upset, stomping
their tiny little feet.

Any and all help will be appreciated. E-mail or call his supervisors
and cronies. I'll list them all, as well as any related Legal material.
This is a very sorid tale.

Location: WhiteCourt Alberta Canada
Joined: 12/07/2006
Posts: 56
Slow motion and close ups of the winter trapline

First close-up slow-motion video of the live Weasel
see it at:

There is some recent video of the McLeod River ice
flow being flushed out.

The reruns for the winter trapline starts tomorrow.

Let me know of any clips that you would like to see
in slow-motion or closer.

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